Here is our most recent song/set list…(lead singer in parentheses…N = Nick, G = Greg, J = Jeff)


Set 1

1. Gimme Three Steps (N)

2. Hard to Handle (J)

3. I Need to Know (G)

4. Breaking the Law (J)

5. Tequila Sunrise (N)

6. Hurts So Good (N)

7. Light My Fire (J)

8. Just What I Needed (G)

9. Flirtin’ with Disaster (G)

10. Rockin’ in the Free World (J)

Set 2

1. Star Spangled American Band (G)

2. Cold Shot (N)

3. Wonderful Tonight (J)

4. China Grove (N)

5. American Girl (G)

6. Already Gone (N)

7. La Grange (J)

8. Feelin’ Alright (N)

9. Money (G)

10. Radar Love (G)

Set 3 

1. Ramblin’ Man (N)

2. Are You Gonna Go My Way (J)

3. No Matter What (N)

4. Smoke on the Water (G)

5. Bad Moon Rising (J)

6. Two Tickets to Paradise (N)

7. What’s Your Name (G)

8. Can’t Get Enough (N)

9. Livin’After Midnight (J)

10. Dock of the Bay (N)

11. Born to Be Wild (G)

Set 4

1. Long Cool Woman (N)

2. Purple Haze (J)

3. Badge (G)

4. Simple Man (N)

5. Time Has Come Today (J)

6. Rock and Roll All Night (G)

7. Mississippi Queen (J)

8. Johnny B. Goode (G)

9. Sunshine of Your Love (G/J)

10. The Story in Your Eyes (J)

11. Smokin’ in the Boys’ Room (G)

EXTRAS (S = Sheri, guest vocalist)

Breakdown (G) Eight Days a Week (J)

SWLABR (J) Birthday (N) Spooky (N)

Eve of Destruction (J) Gloria (G)

Kryptonite (G) Secret Agent Man (J)

Wind Cries Mary (?) Double Vision (?)

Can’t You See (G) White Rabbit (S)

The Rose (S) Hit Me With Your Best Shot (S)